Michael Sparling, Head Trainer: Michael Sparling Horsemanship || Barn Manager: Bellwether Farm 

Michael grew up the average kid on a horse, not realizing how blessed he was. His first career was as an academic, studying Ancient Hebrew and the History of the Near East at Harvard. While he enjoyed the constant discovery of the research and the joy of teaching, the academy can wind one tight. A brief sabbatical landed Michael back in the saddle where he found a greater sense of peace, or at least the possibility of it through interacting with the horse on a different level than he had growing up. Given his tendency to dig in deep, he got after it.

His pursuit of the art of horsemanship took him from coast to coast. In the California foothills of the Sierra Nevadas he learned from and trained with David Ellis while managing his ranch operation. From there he crossed the country to be the in-house trainer on a Virginia farm with some famous lineage. While there he had the privilege of working with horses off the historic Pitchfork Ranch and driving former Budweiser Clydesdales. 

Always on the hunt for more information, he has spent the last several years studying primarily with Buck Brannaman and others who spent time with the legendary Ray Hunt.  And even more importantly he is always learning from his peers at events like the Legacy of Legends. Blending his unique experiences from the classroom and colt starts, Michael has set himself apart as an exceptional teacher and trainer. He and his wife love sharing a life around horses with their kids and sharing this tradition of horsemanship with friends near and far at Bellwether Farm. 

For more information on Michael please visit his website at MichaelSparlingHorsemanship.com