Conveniently located just five miles south of I-94, Bellwether is easily accessible from the Twin Cities. A paved road right to the arena makes hauling hassle-free.

With trees, river bluffs, and rolling hills you can escape the city without having to leave it too far behind…

Our Story

A bellwether is one that leads or takes initiative. Bellwether Farm was born out of the dream to be not a big barn, but a bold barn. One that is committed to creativity and craft. We are inventors, always tinkering with hay feeders and arena drags. And, we are students, committed to the long and occasionally frustrating process of doing right by the horse.

We offer year-round teaching and training. We have a heated indoor arena and lounge, a beautiful outdoor arena and round corral, and lush pastures with shelters, auto waterers and covered feeders.  

Our Values:

Integrity: Honest and open communication is the foundation of our business model and approach to horsemanship.

Stewardship: Respect for the land and animals in our care ensures that future generations will be able to carry on this horsemanship legacy on the land we love so much.

Community: No person is an island. At Bellwether we strive to be more than a place to board. This is a barn devoted to the shared pursuit of and encouragement towards authentic horsemanship.

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