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Cow Working Clinic | Michael Sparling Horsemanship | Bellwether Farm

Horsemanship for Cow Working Clinic

Learn to work cattle in a ranch/branding pen scenario using the principles of classical horsemanship.

Come particpate or watch!

Two Classes:
AM Class (Saturday & Sunday) Foundation of Cow Working
will focus on introducing a horse to cattle as well as teaching you how to move, work, and cut a cow individually and with a team. All while using fundamental horsemanship maneuvers.
This class is great for those that have no experience working cattle.

PM Class (Saturday & Sunday) Advanced Cow Working
will focus on incorporating more advanced horsemanship maneuvers to cut, sort, and work cattle in different real life ranch/branding scenarios. This class is great for those riders who have prior experience working cattle.

Participantion $200.00 (AM or PM class both days)
$ 400.00 (AM & PM class both days)
$+50.00 Cattle fee per rider/class
Stalls Available $25.00/night/stall

Auditors $25.00/day

If you are interested in participating please contact Stephanie Hebeisen at

No need to RSVP for auditing